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Arts and Crafts Sterling Bowl

Marshall Fields Colonial Hand-hammered Sterling Bowl 1907-1917


Arts and Crafts Colonial Marshall Field's Sterling Silver Bowl



 Simplicity in Sterling Silver Hand-Wrought Design


Marshall Field's was part of the History of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. The Bowl has beautiful hammered texture and a rim soldered to bowl to strengthen the design and the rim of the bowl. It is in very good antique condition. The patina is original and defines the hammer marks. Marshall Field's allotted an entire floor for the Silver Smithing Craft Shop. Mrs. Potter Palmer, the wife, of the owner of Marshall Field's, arranged to instruct women in Arts and Crafts Metalwork. This makes another woman in Chicago who was instrumental in the Arts and Crafts Movement promoting women to be part of the Movement.


 Diameter of Bowl: 10 1/4 inches diameter by 3 3/4 inches high

597grams/19.19 troy ounces.

circa 1907-1917             Price: $1275

Enameled Sterling Box

Sterling Silver Box with green and black enameled.

The engraving of initials is the clue to Arts and Crafts Movement. Stamped with Shreve "bell mark." Sterling Silver Box with green and black enamel.

The engraving of initials is the clue to Arts and Crafts Movement. Stamped with Shreve "bell mark."

8 1/2 length

6 1/2 width

1 1/2 hight


circa 1909  Sold

Sterling Silver Candelabrum designed and hand-wrought by Ruth Rhoten

Designed and hand made by Ruth Rhoten. Sterling Silver, hand-wrought, rock crystal ball, pink tourmaline.


Research and development for this candelabrum took 4 years. I wanted something that would give the feeling of flight. The Rock Crystal sphere was lucky find from a woman who was selling her collection of spheres. This one was her favorite. It has beautiful inclusions of rainbows and a shape that looks very similar to a pyramid. The curves are all taken from the spirals of the Golden Mean which is every creation of nature. One end spirals one way and the other spirals the other way meeting in the center when the Crystal Ball sits. Each candle has a bobeche that catches the drips of the candle wax. Since I also work as a conservator, I think, about easy cleaning and the future of a piece for Silversmiths in the future. The center point is weighted but can be taken apart easily for the Smith 200 years from now if need be.

The small stones along the lines of the spirals are pink tourmaline. Since this was a labor of love, I wanted the stones to represent heart.

The candles sit lower than most candelabrum, because it is important to be able to see those around you at the table. This could either be used on a dinning table or in an entry hall to welcome visitors.


36inches long

8 inches high

©Ruth Rhoten designed and fabricated.


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